It's me!

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It's me, Descartes from MFdN and MdN! I don't eHate you anymore!


Re: It's me!

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Woohoo! I am eGlad. :D I will add you.

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Laura's new lj should get added >

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A big fan of Evanescence, RENT, Wicked, fics

Can we be friends??

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This is Mademoseille Musicals from MDN, so any time you wanna talk...

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I added you onto my friend's list. :)

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tis Darren, from mickla

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Guess who?

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Huzzah! You are added!

Gerard Audio

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Hey, thanks so much for the Gerard audio. I was wondering though, Anna doesn't sound like Phoebe, and I can't figure out who it is. If you happened to know, I would really appreciate it.

Re: Gerard Audio

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Not a problem! I have in my record that it's Eryn as Anna. :)